Worksoft Certify

Worksoft Certify 10.0

Creates and runs automated tests for software
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Worksoft, Inc.

The suite runs functional testing of enterprise programs. It automates checking routines and cross-platform business process validation. The software requires no coding knowledge and visualizes data management and processing for assessing current defects, regression of activity, costs, etc.

Worksoft Certify is an automated functional testing solution for SAP lifecycle management and cross-platform business process validation. Worksoft Certify was first to market with a solution designed for business analysts that is powerful enough to validate cross-platform business processes without requiring coding.

Worksoft Certify eliminates custom coding and programming, a requirement of most legacy test automation products, making it fast and easy to implement and maintain. Using an object-driven approach rather than generating scripts or code, Worksoft Certify validates business process workflows using a data model of fields, screens, and transactions making it easy to keep pace with dynamic changes.

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